what is holozoic nutrition by Sportsillustratedintensit?

Holozoic nutrition can be defined as a method of nutrition that involves the ingestion of some complex organic substances that may be in the solid or the liquid states.

What is holozoic nutrition
What is holozoic nutrition

what is holozoic nutrition Definition

‘Holozoic nutrition is the process of nutrition that takes place in organisms that take solid or liquid food inside their bodies. Amoeba follows a holozoic nutrition pattern’.

Steps involved in.

Holozoic nutrition in amoeba takes place in the following step.

1. Ingestion

2. Digestion

3. Absorption

4. Assimilation

5. Egestion

what is holozoic nutrition example: Amoeba proteus 

The process of nutrition in amoeba is as follow as:

  • Ingestion: The process of the food is taken inside through the mouth and broken down by teeth and initial digestion takes place in the mouth by salivas.
  • Digestion: The process in which food is digested by using some few enzymes and are used by the cells for producing energy.
  • Absorption: The process in which cells use the energy from the digested foods and helps in building tissues in our bodies.
  • Assimilation: The process in which digested food moves into cells of the body.
  • Egestion: The process in which undigested food is removed from the body through excretion.

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