Suraj Kumar is a dynamic professional with a diverse background in agriculture, digital marketing, and education. He holds a Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree in Agriculture Agronomy, which has provided him with a strong foundation in the field of crop production and soil management.In addition to his academic achievements, Suraj has honed his digital marketing skills through a Certificate in Digital Marketing from Google Digital Garage. This certification has equipped him with the knowledge and expertise to leverage digital platforms for effective marketing campaigns.Suraj is also passionate about sustainable agriculture and holds a certificate in organic fertilizer from Mahindra Pride, a home waste management company. This certification demonstrates his commitment to environmentally friendly farming practices and his understanding of organic fertilizers' benefits in enhancing soil health.With three years of experience as an Assistant Professor, Suraj has developed excellent teaching and mentoring skills. He has shared his expertise in agronomy with students, providing them with valuable insights and practical knowledge in the field. Alongside his teaching role, Suraj has also embarked on a successful journey as a self-employed digital marketing professional. He has utilized his skills to help businesses build their online presence and drive growth through effective digital strategies.Suraj's experience extends to the sales domain as well, having worked for one year at KSNM Drip Company in Tamil Nadu. In this role, he gained hands-on experience in the sales and marketing of drip irrigation systems, contributing to the company's success and expanding its customer base.Beyond his professional endeavors, Suraj is an avid blogger and YouTuber. He uses these platforms to share his knowledge, insights, and experiences in the agriculture and digital marketing domains. Through his engaging content, he has built a loyal following and continues to inspire and educate others in his areas of expertise.With his diverse skill set, including agronomy, digital marketing, teaching, sales, and content creation, Suraj Kumar brings a unique perspective to the intersection of agriculture and technology. He is committed to driving innovation in sustainable farming practices while helping businesses thrive in the digital age.

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