Cough: This is usually the most prominent symptom. The cough may be dry or productive, meaning it brings up mucus (phlegm). The mucus may be green, yellow, or even bloody.

Fever: Most people with pneumonia have a fever, although it may not be high. A high fever (over 102°F or 39°C) is more common in young children and older adults.

Chills and sweating: These can occur along with fever.

Shortness of breath: This can range from mild to severe. You may feel winded or unable to catch your breath, even when resting.

Rapid, shallow breathing: This is your body's way of trying to get more oxygen into your lungs.

Chest pain: This is a sharp or stabbing pain that gets worse when you breathe deeply, cough, or move.

Muscle aches and fatigue: You may feel tired and achy all over, especially in your chest.

Loss of appetite: You may not feel hungry or have much interest in food.