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Health Tips For Winter: immune boosting drinks. The risk of getting sick during winter is high. In these days many diseases spread due to change in weather and cold.

immune boosting drinks

In winter, diseases like cough, cold, cold and sore throat spread. In these days our immunity becomes weak and diseases take hold soon. It is important to prevent these diseases. We can avoid these diseases by drinking some Ayurvedic drinks.

immunity booster drink homemade | immune boosting drinks

cinnamon drink immune boosting drinks

Cinnamon has medicinal properties. The effect of cinnamon is hot, so in winters, you can make and drink cinnamon tea. Cinnamon brings many benefits to health, it does not spread infectious diseases like cold, cold and fever. If health is to be kept healthy during cold days, then drinking cinnamon after boiling can be beneficial. Along with boosting immunity, it also works to control sugar and cholesterol.

How to make Cinnamon Tea immune boosting drinks

To make cinnamon tea, put cinnamon in a glass of water and keep it for boiling. Let the cinnamon boil well, when the color and nutrition of cinnamon in the water get better, then turn off the gas and filter it and drink hot cinnamon water.

Ginger and Turmeric Tea immune boosting drinks

Both ginger and turmeric have antibacterial and anti-viral properties, which work to keep diseases away. Antioxidants present in ginger benefit health. Drinking tea made by mixing ginger and turmeric ends the problem of phlegm, cold and cold. This tea works to increase our immunity, which reduces the risk of getting diseases.

How to make Ginger and Turmeric Tea immune boosting drinks

Take one lump each of ginger and turmeric or take ginger turmeric paste and boil both of them well with water. When the water boils and reduces a little, take this mixture off the gas and filter it. Now drink this tea mixed with honey. Diseases will remain away.

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