Choosing the Best Grain for Diabetes Patients

These 5 grains will keep blood sugar under control for 24 hours!

High blood sugar mein kya khaye: Bad eating habits make you a victim of many diseases, one of which is diabetes.

Yes, your bad eating habits and poor lifestyle affect your blood sugar level to a great extent, due to which many problems arise.

Not only this, your increased blood sugar level works to make you a victim of many serious problems. That’s why it is important to take care of your blood sugar level.

To keep the blood sugar level in mind, it is most important to pay attention to your food and drink, so include such things in the diet, which do not increase blood sugar. Let us tell you about 5 such grains, which will help in keeping your blood sugar level normal.

1-Barley (Barley In High Blood Sugar)

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Barley is such a grain, whose flour can also prove to be very beneficial for you. This flour is gluten free and rotis made from it not only help in controlling your blood sugar level but also help you in reducing bad cholesterol. It can be eaten anytime of the day.

2- Oatmeal (Daliya In High Blood Sugar)

On hearing the name of porridge, people start shrinking their nose and eyebrows, but do you know that this porridge is a storehouse of nutritious properties.

Rich in fibre, magnesium and protein, oatmeal helps control your blood glucose levels and helps keep you healthy. Oatmeal in the morning breakfast works to keep you full for a long time.

3-Amarnath (Amaranth In High Blood Sugar)

Like barley and oatmeal, amaranth is also a storehouse of many healthy properties. The amount of protein in amaranth is very high, which is considered very beneficial for diabetes patients.

Not only this, it is also endowed with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties, which is healthy for you.

4- Ragi (Ragi In High Blood Sugar)

When it comes to healthy grains, then ragi is far behind. Apart from being a rich source of calcium, it is also a storehouse of other nutritious properties.

Ragi is not only a grain eaten in high blood sugar, but it can also help you reduce high cholesterol levels. That’s why it would be healthy to eat it.

5-Bajra (Bajra In High Blood Sugar)

Millet is also such a grain, which is endowed with many qualities. The fiber and low glycemic index present in it are considered very beneficial for diabetes patients.

Not only this, it also provides relief in constipation and is also effective in weight loss. Iron present in millet also works to increase blood.