Biden-Harris 2024 ‘Never Left’ Ad Highlights Scranton Roots and Middle-Class Empathy

n aerial view of Scranton as seen in a new campaign ad for Biden-Harris 2024 (screen capture)
n aerial view of Scranton as seen in a new campaign ad for Biden-Harris 2024 (screen capture)

The Biden-Harris 2024 campaign has unveiled a new advertisement titled “Never Left,” shining a spotlight on President Joe Biden’s upbringing in Scranton and how it has shaped his understanding of middle-class struggles and empathy for American families. The one-minute ad, which the Capital-Star got an early glimpse of ahead of a broader release on Tuesday, is part of a $25 million media campaign launched in battleground regions, specifically targeting Pennsylvania’s Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Scranton markets.

The ad’s voiceover begins with the statement, “He grew up a middle-class kid in a middle-class town,” emphasizing that while President Biden has traveled extensively, his connection to Scranton, Pennsylvania remains unwavering. Unlike previous campaign ads that highlighted the accomplishments of the Biden-Harris administration, “Never Left” hones in on cost-saving initiatives signed into law. It mentions significant achievements like capping the price of insulin for seniors at $35 and granting Medicare the authority to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies. The ad asserts, “He knows what life is like for working people, and that middle-class life is too expensive right now.”

This shift in focus sets “Never Left” apart from earlier campaign spots, such as the one released on September 30, which targeted Black voters and emphasized the administration’s efforts to create economic opportunities and invest in Black-owned media properties. Another ad, “Got to Work,” which premiered during the NFL season opener the previous month, highlighted key elements of President Biden’s speeches, including addressing supply chain issues and combating corporate greed, while also mentioning favorable economic statistics like a three percent inflation rate and historic low unemployment.

Julie Chavez Rodriguez, the campaign manager for Biden-Harris 2024, commented on the “Never Left” ad, stating, “While MAGA Republicans pretend they’re fighting for America’s middle class, President Biden and Vice President Harris are actually delivering.” She emphasized the administration’s concrete actions, from reducing prescription drug costs to lowering healthcare premiums and cutting energy bills for American families. Chavez Rodriguez emphasized that fighting for the middle class is not merely a campaign promise but an integral part of President Biden and Vice President Harris’s political identity.

The campaign plans to broadcast “Never Left” on national cable channels and on television in battleground states, with special airings during NFL games and popular shows like “Dancing With the Stars” and “Bachelor in Paradise.” This strategy aims to reach a broad audience in preparation for the upcoming general election.