10 high fiber bread options from various worldwide brands

high fiber bread
Image by -Rita-👩‍🍳 und 📷 mit ❤ from Pixabay

Power Up Your Day with These Top 10 High-Fiber Breads from Around the World!

Looking to add high fiber bread to your diet? Look no further than the humble loaf of bread! But not just any bread will do. When it comes to fiber, some breads reign supreme. Buckle up, bread lovers, because we’re taking you on a global journey to discover the top 10 high fiber bread options from renowned brands worldwide!

1. Dave’s Killer Bread Powerseed Bread: This champion packs a punch with 5 grams of fiber per slice and a symphony of 21 whole grains and seeds, bursting with flavor and texture.

2. Queen Street Bakery Chia Seed Loaf: Chia seeds take center stage in this loaf, boasting 7 grams of fiber per slice alongside a blend of wholesome grains and flaxseed for a nutritious and satisfying choice.

3. Aldi L’oven Fresh 12 Grain Bread: Don’t let the affordability fool you! This bread is a fiber powerhouse with 4 grams per slice, thanks to its blend of 12 hearty and flavorful whole grains and seeds.

4. Simple Truth Organic Sprouted Grain and Legume Bread: Sprouted for extra goodness, this bread provides 5 grams of fiber per slice and is loaded with protein and essential nutrients from its sprouted grains and legume powerhouses.

5. Silver Hills Organic Sprouted Power The Big 16: Living up to its name, this bread boasts a whopping 16 grams of fiber per slice! Made with sprouted whole grains, seeds, and legumes, it’s a nutrient-dense champion for your fiber needs.

6. Pepperidge Farm Whole Grain Thin-Sliced 15 Grain Bread: Don’t let the thin slices fool you! Each slice packs 4 grams of fiber, along with the delicious taste of 15 different whole grains and seeds.

7. Oroweat Whole Grains Double Fiber Bread: Doubling down on fiber, this bread offers a whopping 6 grams per slice, perfect for those seeking a significant fiber boost. It combines whole grains with psyllium fiber for added benefits.

8. One Mighty Mill 100% Power Grains Mighty Bread: True to its name, this bread lives up to the “mighty” title with 7 grams of fiber per slice. A blend of whole grains, seeds, and legumes creates a powerful nutritional punch.

9. Old Tyme 747’s Multigrain Bread: This hearty and satisfying bread boasts 7 grams of fiber per slice and features a variety of whole grains and seeds for a taste that won’t disappoint.

10. Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grain Bread: Sprouted for a unique flavor and texture, this bread offers 4 grams of fiber per slice and is a good source of protein and other essential nutrients, thanks to its sprouted whole grains and legumes.

Remember, while these breads are high in fiber, it’s always wise to check the serving size and total calories before incorporating them into your diet. So, ditch the white bread and embrace the power of fiber with these delicious and nutritious options from around the world! Happy bread-venturing!